SIP Trunking

Orbtalk's SIP trunk is a Voice Over IP service ( VoIP ) that significantly reduces monthly service charges and dramatically reduces call costs.

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a generic term used to describe a range of technologies that deliver phone services over the Internet.

Our SIP trunk product delivers incredible performance at an unbeatable price. You get ISDN-grade call quality and reliability, alongside all of the benefits of a modern VoIP service.

You can sign-up for a SIP account here and be using it within just a few minutes. We have numbers from more than 8000 destinations around the world and with our simple pay as you go top-up system, it really couldn't be any easier. If you would prefer to buy one of our world calling bundles, please either click here or scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Why buy a SIP trunk from Orbtalk?

We are an established SIP trunking provider and our VoIP network supports the telephone systems of some of the world's largest corporations. After more than 10 years serving the industry, with an Orbtalk SIP trunk you can relax knowing that you will get the highest quality service at the most competitive price.

There are many great reasons to upgrade your legacy phone system or if you have already made the switch to VoIP, then check out our fantastic call-rates to see what you can start saving.

Please head over to our on-line shop to buy a SIP trunk now for £15 or read on below to find out more about the service.

Scaling and Availability

Orbtalk SIP Trunks scale with your business and offer industry-leading high availability.

We understand that to compete in today's world, your business needs to be able to respond quickly to rapid increases in demand. That's why we have designed our SIP Trunk and Hosted PBX solutions with agility in mind. Within a matter of minutes you can add as many channels, trunks or numbers to your account as required and meet the demands of your business today.

And with our cloud services distributed across multiple data centres, you can rest easy knowing that a network outage in one data centre will never stop you from accessing our service.

Manage Your Account in the Cloud

The Orbtalk Portal is a cloud service that provides 24/7 access to your account.

Via our self-service portal you can make amendments to your services, quickly review billing information and keep track of your call spend in real time.

The Orbtalk Cloud Portal also gives you the ability to:

  • instantly increase and decrease the number of channels on your SIP Trunks
  • purchase phone numbers from more than 8000 international locations
  • buy phone numbers from both geographic and non-geographic locations
  • view live and historical call records and charges
  • download your past invoices
  • and much much more

The portal is easy to use and changes happen in real time giving you full control 365 days a year.

Support Included

All of our VoIP products, except for our most basic Smartline package, provide access to our inclusive support service. You can find out more about our support service here.

Compatible Devices

Orbtalk SIP Trunks are compatible with almost all SIP enabled devices, VoIP phones and PBXes.

We also have configuration guides available for most popular phone systems including Asterisk, 3CX, Cisco, Draytek and many more.

The Orbtalk support team are trained in configuring 3rd party systems and are more than happy to assist in SIP Trunk configurations. For a full list of our compatible devices please click the click the button below.

What is SIP?

For those who don't already know, SIP is a Voice over IP (VoIP) technology that enables phone calls to be made over a standard Internet connection. SIP (or the Session Initiation Protocol) is a signalling protocol that enables phones and other telephony devices to talk to one another. You don't need to understand any technical details in order to use SIP, but it is somewhat similar to the HTTP protocol used by your web browser to visit web sites such as this.

So what is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is a term sometimes used to refer to the provision of a SIP telephony service to end users. A SIP trunk refers to a single SIP account provided by a SIP service. Put most simply, a SIP trunk is nothing more than a username and password combination used to access the service. The account will have a range of features enabled for it, such as inbound and outbound channels, phone numbers, call forwards and many other useful features you won't get on a standard telephone line.

A key benefit of the technology for the consumer is the lack of proprietary software and so-called vendor lock-in . The technology is open and moving between SIP providers is quite simple and painless. Any hardware phones or software that you use can be used with any SIP trunk and changing provider involves updating just a few simple settings.

Vendor lock-in describes the scenario where a customer buys into a sofware solution and becomes dependent on the service provided. If the customer starts to have problems with the system and wants to migrate away, they soon discover that the process will be complex and/or expensive

If you are completely new to SIP technology and just want to experiment or try out a test trunk, then you might be interested in our basic smartline sip trunk. It's only our entry level product, and doesn't include telephone support, but it's great for those just starting out.

Bundled Call Minutes

Small Business

Perfect for small companies and start-ups

  • 2500 World Minutes
  • Share on Unlimited Trunks
  • No Outbound Channel Limits
  • Over 50 International Locations

Business Select

Our best seller, suitable for the average business

  • 5000 World Minutes
  • Share on Unlimited Trunks
  • No Outbound Channel Limits
  • Over 50 International Locations


For large organisations with a high employee count

  • 10000 World Minutes
  • Share on Unlimited Trunks
  • No Outbound Channel Limits
  • Over 50 International Locations

Call Centre

For high volume companies where outbound calling is their key focus

  • 20000 World Minutes
  • Share on Unlimited Trunks
  • No Outbound Channel Limits
  • Over 50 International Locations

Destinations which include prefixes in the World Minutes Bundle.

Click here for full list of prefixes.

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