Carrier Bypass

Save money on your calls with a standard BT phone line.

Route your landline calls with the Orbtalk VoIP network using your existing BT phone line and number. No hardware, VoIP equipment or broadband required.

For Carrier bypass, we simply add your BT phone number to our systems and you can either prefix your calls or program the prefix into your handset or system. We just need a billing relationship with you or you can add prepaid credit.

Real-time Call Data

Calls are routed by BT free of charge to our network so that you can take advantage of our totally transparent billing (per second, no call setup or minimum charges).

Since it's on our network, we can offer live call access, real-time CDRs, an on-line portal, call spend information and all manner of reporting. We can add call recording if required and even CLI presentation, for homeworkers to present their office number, and all over the PSTN without changing a thing or additional cost!

Cost Savings

Avoid BT's costly call setup charges by using the Orbtalk Carrier Bypass.

Unlike many providers, we charge no setup fee and bill you by the second. There are no hidden fees and our pricing policy is completely transparent.

As a global telephony provider you can also take advantage of Orbtalk's extremely competitive UK and international call rates, all billed per second. No need to change or buy additional hardware, use your existing phone system and handsets with no need to retrain staff.

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