World Numbers

The Orbtalk World Numbers SIP Trunk is a leading VoIP service that allows you to purchase international phone numbers from over 8000 destinations around the world.

The Orbtalk World Numbers product allows you to receive international calls on one or more numbers from around the world and have those calls forwarded straight to a landline or mobile number of your choosing. Behind the scenes, it's a high quality Orbtalk SIP trunk, but this product has been designed with ease of use in mind.

Just select the international destinations that you would like to purchase and provide us with the number you would like us to forward to and we will do all of the SIP trunk configuration for you. This whole process can be done online in a few simple steps and you can be up and running within minutes. There really is no simpler or cheaper way to get international presence in multiple countries around the world.

Organisations of different sizes benefit in different ways:

  • freelancers and consultants can be available anywhere at any time on one number
  • medium-sized enterprises will enjoy a host of call features
  • larger organisations can buy phone number ranges, get low cost connectivity across their workforce, along with detailed reporting

Business Telephone Numbers

Orbtalk can offer phone numbers in more locations than almost every other VoIP provider worldwide.

Choose business numbers from over 8000 international destinations and select the right phone number that fits your business, brand and location. Orbtalk standard numbers cost as little as £1 for setup, or if you would like something more memorable, Orbtalk also stock a large number of silver and gold numbers.

Phone Marketing

Phone numbers shouldn't limit your business presence or operation.

Owning multiple international numbers for your business can hugely increase your earning potential. Buy a local phone number for each area your business is targeting to allow your customers to call you at the cost of a local rate call.

Intuitive User Portal

The Orbtalk Portal allows you to easily manage your phone numbers and forwards via a simple to use and intuitive interface.

You can add and remove numbers with ease, knowing new phone numbers will be available to use within 10 minutes of purchase.

The Orbtalk portal also enables you to:

  • top-up your account credit online
  • view and download invoices
  • create call record reports
  • manage your call forward destinations
  • set up automatic top-up so you never run out of credit again

Real-time Call Reports

The Orbtalk self-service portal allows you to keep track of your call spend live.

The Orbtalk Portal also gives you realtime visibility of the calls you have made and the cost to you, as soon as the call completes. The portal is easy to use and changes happen in real time, making it easy to manage what you are spending.

Inbound Toll Free and Special Service Numbers

Increase sales by saving your customers the expense of calling your company using our inbound toll free numbers, available in over 60 countries. You can use multiple toll free numbers to give your business an international presence; for instance you could have a toll free number for each country that has an office. Instead of customers having to pay to call your business, a nominal per-minute charge is passed onto you.

Once your toll free number has been purchased you can manage it via the Orbtalk Portal or your Cloud Phone System in the same way that you would manage any of your geographic numbers, including forwarding calls to a landline or mobile number if required. You can also view inbound call reports to analyse the success of your toll free number.

Please be aware that toll free numbers in some countries are not reachable from countries other than the one in which the number is located.

In addition, we offer special service numbers for the following destinations where a charge is paid by the caller and a nominal charge is paid by you as the customer:

  • Anchorage, USA (+1 907)
  • Beijing, China (+86 10)
  • Shanghai, China (+86 21)

VoIP Phone Features

Call Forwarding
Call Monitoring
Call Recording
Call queuing call distribution and interactive voice recognition
Multiple audio conferencing
Unified communications option
Quick and easy assignment and reassignment of users
Your own secure control panel online
Real-time call and cost data

What you get

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