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Orbtalk are an industry leading VoIP and SIP provider. We provide business telephone systems for companies of all sizes. From smaller business start‐ups to some of the largest blue‐chip corporates from around the world, we have the in-house experience and expertise to assemble you a solution that will meet your exact requirements. You can find below an outline of our main services.

Cloud Phone System

The Orbtalk Cloud Phone System solution is the ultimate phone system that gives any size of business advanced telephony features including call recording, call monitoring, conferencing, advanced queueing and auto-attendant features.

A Cloud Phone System solution has many advantages over traditional phone systems with simple scalability, reduced costs and no or minimal hardware required. Benefit from connecting multiple office locations to a single Cloud Phone System allowing you to make free calls between sites, transfer calls and conference call on the fly.

SIP Trunks

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. A SIP Trunk allows you to route calls via the internet both significantly reducing monthly service costs and dramatically reducing call costs.

You get ISDN-grade call quality and reliability, and a fully featured service included within the price. Orbtalk SIP Trunks also allow you to add or remove single or multiple channels instantly, and distribute them freely and flexibly across your network and sites, allowing you to scale your service up and down within minutes.


Smartline is designed to reduce your phone charges while delivering a host of features to support the free-range working lives of even the smallest business.

It starts with a minimal set-up fee to get you connected to the Orbtalk system. Every call can be sent to wherever you are, and whichever device you're using (desk handset, mobile, smartphone, PC or tablet) and call charges remain the same, even abroad.

World Numbers

The Orbtalk World Numbers product allows you to purchase an international phone number from over 8000 destinations globally.

The Orbtalk World Numbers product can be used as a standalone service that can simply be forwarded to a Landline or Mobile or bolted on to our Cloud Phone System or SIP Trunk products. Organisations of different sizes benefit in different ways: freelancers and consultants can be available anywhere at any time on one number, medium-sized enterprises will enjoy a host of call features, and larger organisations can buy phone number ranges, get low cost connectivity across their workforce, and detailed reporting.

Carrier Bypass

Save money on calls with your BT phone - Route your landline calls with Orbtalk VoIP network Use your existing BT phone, line and number - No hardware, VoIP equipment or broadband required.

For Carrier bypass, we simply add your BT phone number to our systems and you can either prefix your calls or program the prefix to your handset or system - then dial out - we just need a billing relationship or you can add prepaid credit.

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