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It will provide you with a detailed view of all the features of your Orbtalk account, information about internet telephony in general and much more. Once you have registered for a FREE Orbtalk PAYG account you can start making calls from your internet telephone number!

An Orbtalk account also enables you to call users on other networks, you have the option of obtaining your own incoming number and tariffs and packages to suit your needs. To make calls to (ordinary) PSTN phones, you will need to purchase credit.


Getting started with PAYG

To get started you need a piece of internet telephony hardware or a softphone, an Internet connection and an Orbtalk account. There are several types of hardware/software that you can use to connect to Orbtalk.

  • An IP Phone - this plugs straight into your network or broadband router and just needs to be configured with your Orbtalk account details.
  • A VoIP Adaptor - if you want to use your ordinary analogue phone with Orbtalk then plug it straight into a VoIP Adaptor and configure your adaptor with your Orbtalk account details.
  • A VoIP Router - routers provide access to the Internet for multiple devices. They can be wired or wireless to suit your needs. A VoIP compatible router can also be used like a VoIP adaptor.
  • A Softphone which is simply a software based phone that operates from your computer and uses your Internet connection to make Internet Telephony calls. It can be used with a USB Phone or computer headset.

Internet Telephony (Voice Over Internet Protocol - VoIP) is the technology used for making telephone calls over the Internet. Using an internet telephony service means that you can make cheap calls anywhere through a fast Internet connection.

To get started you will need either a piece of internet telephony hardware such as an IP Phone, a VOIP adaptor, a VOIP router or a softphone. All of the products that can be used are availabe to buy online from and a suitable softphone can be downloaded from

Frequenty Asked Questions

You can connect to Orbtalk PAYG in a number of ways. As the name suggests the service is prepaid, enabling you to keep a close eye on your call expenditure. We also offer post paid services to business customers.

How long will my account take to setup?
Once you have completed the order process your account will be set up instantly.
What softphone would you recommend?
We would recommend X-Lite as it has been fully tested with our service but almost all softphones will work with Orbtalk.
Can you setup call forwarding on a Lite User account?
We can offer call forwarding on all UK numbers.
How are the calls billed?
Calls on the Lite User account are billed per minute.
What is the minimum contract length?
All of our Orbtalk Portal accounts are on a monthly rolling contract.
What level of support is offered on a Lite User account?
For our Lite User accounts we offer support via our ticketing system.
How can I monitor what I am spending on my account?
Via the Orbtalk Portal you can check all of your call records and set balance alerts.
How do I setup voicemail on my PAYG account?

Your Voicemail will be set up by default with your Orbtalk Password as your Voicemail PIN.

It is advisable to change your Voicemail PIN by logging in to your account and scrolling right down to Voicemail PIN, just above Call Forwarding and Voicemail preferences.

How do I access my Voice Mailbox?

From a configured Internet Telephony device

  1. Dial 9200 to access your Mailbox.
  2. You will be prompted for your password.
  3. The password you enter is your Voicemail PIN. (Make sure the Voicemail PIN you enter is numeric). Press "#" to confirm.

In some cases you may be prompted for your Orbtalk ID first.

From a PSTN phone, you can access your Voice Mailbox by dialing 0845 004 9200.

In this case the system will prompt for the User ID (Orbtalk ID) and Password (Voicemail PIN). Press "#" after entering each value to confirm.

How do I change my voicemail greeting?

To change your greeting, access your mailbox and then press 0 to access your mailbox options. You will then have the following options:

  • Press 1 to record your unavailable message
  • Press 2 to record your busy message
  • Press 3 to record your name
  • Press 4 to record your temporary greeting

Please note that voicemails older than 14 days will be automatically deleted.

How can I test my phone is working OK or check my balance?

Use the following numbers to check the quality and various settings of your Orbtalk account.

  • 901 - Check your Orbtalk credit balance
  • 902 - Welcome message
  • 903 - Check your User ID
  • 904 - Echo Test (for latency checking)
  • 905 - Audio Test. After the beep record your voice and receive it back to ensure two-way audio communication works properly
  • 906 - Turns balance announcement when making calls on / off*
  • 907 - Turns low credit announcement when making calls on / off**
  • 908 - Reads back the phone number that you have set as your main outgoing number
  • 9123 - UK Date & Time

* Dialling 906 will turn the balance announcement ON.

  • This means that when you dial a number (before connecting) you will hear what your current balance is.
  • To turn the balance announcement OFF, simply dial 906 again.
  • The balance announcment is OFF by default.

** Dialling 907 will turn the low credit announcement ON.

  • Through your online account management, you can set your low credit limit.
  • This means that if your credit falls below the limit you will hear a low credit announcement before connecting to a call.
  • To turn the low credit announcement OFF, simply dial 907 again.
  • The low credit announcment is OFF by default.
Can I use another phone to call using my PAYG account?

Yes! Use your Orbtalk credit from ANY UK phone, mobile, payphone or landline and take advantage of our low call rates!

  1. Deposit credit on your PAYG account.
  2. Simply dial one of the access numbers below and follow the voice prompts:
    • 0207 100 0435 *
    • 0800 047 0435 **
  3. Follow the voice prompt and enter your Orbtalk Account number FOLLOWED BY THE # KEY.
  4. Then, enter you Orbtalk Password FOLLOWED BY THE # KEY eg If your password contains either A, B or C, press 2 and D, E or F, press 3 and so on. Example password: adeghr - Press: 233447
  5. Once you hear a dialtone, enter the number you wish to dial FOLLOWED BY THE # KEY.

* Many mobile contracts have inclusive bundled minutes, so essentially the call to your Orbtalk access number may be FREE!

** Please note that calls to the 0800 numbers are free dependent upon the service provider that you call from. Calls to the 0800 access number attracts an additional 2 pence per minute charge, this is charged to your Orbtalk account.

Technical Support

Check your Orbtalk Online Internet Telephony Status on your device.

This shows you if your Internet Telephony phone is online and working correctly or not, similar to the way MSN works. If it is, it should be ‘Online’ – if it is ‘Offline’ you will have to view the Setup instructions again and make sure the phone has been registered properly.

Online Status - This will show whether your account is registered online. Ensure that you have followed our Internet Telephony Device Configuration Instructions to correctly configure your device, and ensure that the Orbtalk details you have entered are correct. If your status is showing as "Offline", this will mean that you may be able to make calls, but will not be able to receive them. Your Active Status should be "OK" and your Online Status should be "Online" to ensure correct functionality of your devices.

For PAYG (Single User/Residential) technical support please log a support request here.

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