Interactive Voice Response

This section of the site will take you through the features of our IVR system and explain how it can benefit your business. An IVR is an essential element in any company's inbound services and our Cloud Phone System offers one of the most powerful systems available on the market today.

What is IVR?

IVR is an abbreviation for the telecoms term "Interactive Voice Response". An IVR system is an interactive menu system that your customers can access via their telephone. The menu options are read to your customers as audio and they select the option of their choice by pressing keys on their keypad. These choices are sent to the phone system as DTMF tones, but you don't need to understand the technical details in order to use this service.

Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is a signaling system using the voice-frequency band over telephone lines between telephone equipment and other communications devices and switching centers. Originally designed in the 1960s by Bell System it was later standardised and became a the replacement for rotary dial phones. Although VoIP systems are completely digital and all signalling is transmitted over IP, the DTMF standard has been implemented in the same way to allow for maximum interoperability between devices.

Common Uses

Our IVR menu systems are versatile and can help you solve a range of common business problems.

Managing inbound call flows

In conjunction with our Cloud Phone System's queues, you will be able to manage much larger call volumes. Customers will never be left with endless ringing tones, busy tones or call disconnects.

Via our intuitive web application, you can design an IVR Tree as simple or as complex as you require. Once a customer has dialled your IVR number, they will enter your menu system and be able to select the service, department or extension they want to get through to. This enables you to streamline your service and manage busy periods intelligently.

An IVR tree is another name for an IVR menu. IVRs are essentially menu systems, just like those you'll find on a web page, but built to work with telephones. The options are read allowed to your customers and they make their choices by pressing numbers on their keypad.

Personalised customer experience

We've made it easy to record your own greetings, menu options and IVR messages. The system is provided with some royalty free hold music by default, but you are also welcome to upload your own. By personalising your messages and music you can bring your own branding into the phone system and improve your customers' experience.

Hold music, or music on hold (MOH), is the practise of playing a customer that needs to wait some music to the listen to, rather than silence or an engaged tone. Studies have shown that playing music on hold significantly increases the length of time that a customer is prepared to wait before they abandon their call.

Increased customer control

By presenting your customers with a well structured IVR menu system, you increase their ability to help themselves. Customers that know what they want can navigate directly to the department they require and avoid the busiest queues. By giving customers access to the right information, at the right time, you can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

"Time of day" operational times
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User / extension directory
Queue destinations
Voicemail destinations
Conference destinations
Ring Group destinations
Ringing options: ringing, music on hold or silence
Account number to proceed option
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Custom greetings and music on hold
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