Introducing the new Orbtalk Cloud PBX

We are really excited to announce the launch of our second generation hosted PBX solution. Building on the success of our previous hosted solution, our mission has always been to take telephony in the web browser to the next level. Built to take advantage of the latest web technologies, our new PBX is packed full of exciting features and priced extremely competitively.

Reasons to buy

Automated provisioning

No need to wait for a sales person to call you back and quote you. If you buy online now you can be using your new hosted PBX within minutes.

From just a single seat

Our previous platform had a three seat minimum charge, but thanks to the efficiencies realised by our new automated provisioning system, when you buy online it's now possible to begin with just a single seat. It's a great way to try the product and it's really easy to add more resources later on.

Artist's depiction of the cloud PBX

Free products included

We want to make sure you can explore all of the features fully, so we've included one queue, one IVR and one conference at no extra cost with every order. This should be enough to get you started and then you can easily add more queues, IVRs and conferences through our shop. It's all automated and ready for you to use within minutes of purchase.

Pay As You Go

You can buy a PAYG PBX online now and be using your new Cloud PBX in just a few minutes. If you want to go over to direct debit later on then there's a simple application process that can be started from your portal dashboard. (UK customers only)

Auto top-up

Some of our customers love the PAYG model but worry that they might forget to top up and run out of calling credit. If this is a concern of yours there are two options available to you: balance alerts and automated top-up. Many of our PAYG customers find this gives them much greater peace of mind.

Expert support

As one of the earliest companies to enter the VoIP market, we've been providing VoIP solutions and specifically hosted PBX solutions for more than 10 years. If you hit an issue then we've probably seen it before and are likely to have either a fix or a workaround to help you resolve the problem.


Both our SIP trunking and our Cloud PBX platforms are clustered, highly available solutions with redundancy across more than one data centre at all times. The end result is a highly resilient solution that won't let you down.

Reduced operating expense

Multiple data-centre, clustered solutions are expensive both to build and to maintain. By hooking into our virtual PBX solution you can avoid these costs and focus on what your business does best.


Unified Communications

Hardware phone, desktop soft phone, Android, iOS and WebRTC are all brought together into a unified experience on our new platform. There's an attendant console and lots of other cool features that can all be accessed from within your web browser. For example you can listen to your voicemail, record a new greeting or set up new rules for time of day calling all from one easy to use dashboard.

Artist's depiction of Unified Communications as binary data

See who's online

Presence is built into the interface so that you can see who is online in your organisation at all times. There's no need to hit a colleague's voicemail, just call them when you can see that they are free.

A consolidated user experience

Everything is at your fingertips and brought together into a single portal login. No more separate logins for billing and PBX access - you get a single sign on and then access to all of your resources and data in one place.

Over the last few years we have been working hard to integrate all of the telephony features you might need - SIP trunking, Cloud PBX, international numbering from multiple suppliers, billing, CRM integration and reporting. With all of these services available from your account there really is no need to look anywhere else.

Roles for your staff

If you require multiple roles for different members of your team then this can be easily accomplished. At the most basic level, users are separated into managers and standard users. As a more complex example you might need an accountant that can access financial data but not access any of the telephony system. Our support team will be happy to help you set up whatever your requirements are as part of your inclusive support package.

Highly configurable

Our new PBX is packed with useful features and just the right amount of options for configuration. We love to hear about all the cool things that our customers have managed to do with the platform. With an API for integrating with your own back-end systems soon to be released, we can't wait to find out what our customers are going to come up with!

Lots of CRM integrations available

We have integrations with SugarCRM, SalesForce and many others. If there's something you need in particular then do speak with our sales team. There's a very good chance that somebody else is already using it and if it's something completely new there are some bespoke development options available.

API access coming soon!

For the real tech-heads out there we will soon be launching our new, publicly available REST API. Watch this space for an update about our new API in the next few weeks.

Not got an account yet?

No problem! Just head over to our shop and select the "Cloud Phone System" product to get started. You'll can be up and running in no time.

What we provide

Orbtalk specialise in SIP and VoIP solutions for business and are unique in this market space due to our global reach. This allows us to offer SIP Trunking and Cloud Phone Systems to organisations across the globe for single and multi-sited companies. Our global presence also means that we have one of the largest offerings of international numbers available from over 8000 destinations globally.

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