Customer Challenge

Founded just over four years ago to challenge the traditional accountancy model, Crunch Accounting offer an online-based accountancy system to over 4,000 UK clients. In October 2013, Accountancy Age identified them as the fastest-growing accountancy firm in the UK.

With their rapid growth, the company was looking for an alternative hosted PBX system that could be easily extended to keep pace with their increasing customer and staff numbers. Crunch has teams of account managers and accountants for different UK regions, and one of the company's key requirements was a system that offered a higher-level of call management for inbound callers so that clients would get to talk to their account team as quickly as possible.

Crunch also needed a more cost-effective provider, as high call charges resulting from per-minute billing were limiting their speed of growth. Finally, they wanted a much more responsive support function to ensure reliability and efficiency as they scaled-up their operation.

Orbtalk Solution

We provided Crunch with a fully Hosted PBX. Launched with 65x users in May 2013, it has since been scaled up to just under 100x users.

We managed the set-up of the system in a test environment, working closely with the Crunch IT team. By doing this we ensured that the new system included all the functions of the old one and that it could be handed over easily. This allowed for a very quick and problem-free migration on to the new system with minimal training required for staff.

Orbtalk worked closely with the IT Team at Crunch to dynamically route calls to the areas of the business where they should be dealt with as speedily as possible. This has meant customers spend less time waiting to talk to their appointed account team or contact.

Orbtalk has a dedicated account team for Crunch. As well as being able to contact us for support in all the usual ways, they also have a dedicated number for support, with a named contact for sales, admin and technical queries. This number is always answered promptly during the supported hours.


Orbtalk's Hosted PBX has improved many areas of the Crunch business, and the way that they interact with their clients. Clients are now able to contact and talk directly to their account teams without having to be transferred around the business first. This has improved the client experience and enabled the account management teams to operate more efficiently.

Orbtalk's secure online Billing Monitor, has also given Crunch total knowledge and control of their calls and call-spend, all in real-time. Costs have been reduced both through the lower call rates, per-second billing, and lower extension costs than their previous provider.

Crunch now have no concerns, as was the case with their previous provider, about getting help on any aspect of their PBX as soon as they need it.

According to Justine Cobb, Crunch's Operations Director:

'The move to Orbtalk was a big thing for our business as our day-to-day operation relies on phones to function and reach our clients. Orbtalk provided a planned migration from our previous provider, limiting any downtime to out of hours to avoid disruption. They also migrated all of our numbers to their service, again actioned with minimal disruption to the business.

'We have found that when we need support, Orbtalk are always responsive. We get to talk to someone, without exception, every time we call. And it's someone who actually knows our system and clearly has expertise.

'We are working with Orbtalk to deliver more dynamic call routing for the business, looking at integrating it with our internal CRM system, and also considering providing local numbers for our clients to call.

'We are very pleased with the overall service since we launched the system, and would have no hesitation in recommending Orbtalk to any business looking to both save costs and use telephony to help grow their business.'

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