Call Recording

Whether it's for training purposes or for reference, the Orbtalk business PBX range enable you to record conversations and conference calls.

Once enabled for any extension, the call recording service allows you to listen at any time to the audio of a previous phone call. Recordings can also be downloaded directly from the web interface as MP3 files.

An off-site archival service to Amazon S3 is also available if long term storage is required. (Please speak to a sales representative if you require this additional service)

Common use cases

Dispute resolution

With your calls recorded, you can quickly and easily locate a recording for a previous call and settle any dispute about what exactly was said between a customer and one of your agents.

Training and review

Many companies find recording calls with customers for training purposes a great way to help staff improve their performance and review their progress.

Quality assurance

Many managers find call recording an invaluable tool to aid them in their monitoring of their team's performance. By regularly sampling a selection of recent calls, managers can gain confidence in the performance of their team and identify problems before they get out of hand.


Advanced search for recordings
Record up to 15 people in a conference call
Toggle call recording on/off from your handset
Play your call recordings from the Orbtalk web application
Download multiple recordings to a ZIP file
Global call recording available
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