IP PBX | Onsite VoIP Service

The same tried and tested PBX as our Hosted PBX solution, but running from your own premises.

The Orbtalk IP PBX provides all of the call management features that you would expect from a Hosted PBX platform, but located at your own site. It has all the features of our software/hardware platform, but running locally and enabling you to easily integrate any existing ISDN technology with SIP / VoIP phones.

For full Orbtalk PBX functions see our Hosted PBX solution.

Phone System Features

Dedicated hardware
Integrates easily with ISDN2e and mutiple ISDN30
Provides failover in the event of an internet outage
Integrates with our Disaster Recovery (DR) solution
Secure remote access
Simple management via software in your web browser

VoIP Phone Features

Caller ID
Last Caller
Call Park
Follow Me
Group Hunt
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb (DND)
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