Fax to email

Not everyone realises this, but VoIP is capable of dealing with much more than just simple phone calls. An great example of the flexibility of the protocol is the adaptation to send and receive fax using over SIP.

Whilst it is perfectly possibly to send a fax to a standard fax machine over a regular telephone line, the service we find most people are looking for is the ability to receive faxes and have them sent directly to an email inbox.

Understanding the T.38 standard

The compression used in a VoIP telephone call is quite different from what is required to properly transmit or receive a fax message. In order to solve this problem, a new standard was defined called T.38. A SIP platform that includes a T.38 adapter is called an Internet-Aware Fax device, or IAF, and is capable of initiating or completing a fax call over an IP network.

How to receive a fax

The process for setting up your PBX to receive fax is very straightforward. Firstly you need to enter the details of the email server that will be sending the fax email. Sending email requires you to enter the SMTP details of the server that you want to use. Once the email settings are finished, then you simply need to select one or more inbound numbers that you want to use for receiving the fax messages on.

If this sounds complicate, then please don't worry. All of our PBX products come with full support and one of our support engineers will be happy to help you set this up.

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