Snom 821

Snom 821 IP Business phone with colour display

The Snom 821 VoIP phone unites two of the biggest requirements for modern telephony in one device: extraordinary VoIP technology and design.

The SIP-based phone is optimized for professional use, from a technical standpoint as well as from its look. The Snom 821 comes with an integrated 1 Gigabit switch on board which enables connected devices to benefit from all modern network installations.

With its high-resolution TFT color display the Snom 821 offers a brilliant depiction of call lists, phone directories and caller information via the integrated XML browser.

The wideband technology (Snom klar- VOICE) used in the handset makes the user feel as if the caller were in the same room.

In hands-free-mode, a Class D amplifier reliably suppresses interference noise.

Moreover, the Snom 821 offers all conveniences Snom customers have come to expect from the German company.

Furthermore the Snom 821 includes the use of secure VPN as well as TLS and SRTP, making it almost impossible to hack or misuse data. The Snom 821 comes ready to be used with the Snom WLAN adapter through the USB Type A connector on the phone.

The Snom 821 also offers a wide range of functions particularly relevant to the business world, like 5-way-conferencing, multiple ringtones, and up to twelve different SIP identities. The user interface was designed for clarity and intuitive operation.

All keys are extremely easy to see and reach from almost any angle, whether the Snom 821 is set up with the footstand in high (55°) or low (33°) position!

The look of the Snom 8xx series was designed in cooperation with one of the most renowned German industrial designers.

The Snom 821 gives the discerning user comfortable access to numerous business functions that have become matter of course in today’s telephony.

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