Quintum Tenor DX

Orbtalk have a range of SIP trunk products that work with Quintum Tenor DX

Enterprises can benefit from a variety of valuable applications such as PBX extensions, remote office connectivity, long distance consolidation and call centers.

Service providers can deploy numerous VoIP applications such as SIP Trunking, Wholesale VoIP Termination, Calling Cards, Tandem Switching and Least Cost Routing.

Product scales from a fractional T1/E1, with 8 simultaneous VoIP channels up to a full 8 span MultiPath Switch supporting 120 simultaneous VoIP calls.

Tenor and Tenor S now assure that VoIP can be deployed easily in existing voice and data networks, offering unmatched voice quality and survivability, network-wide scalability and easy, secure remote management for installation, configuration, upgrades, troubleshooting and repair. All this adds up to lower TCO than any other VoIP solution on the market!

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