Panasonic NCP

Orbtalk have a range of SIP trunk products that work with the Panasonic NCP

Panasonic NCP Network Communications Platform combines the latest in VoIP communications, with traditional digital and analogue interfaces. This makes the Panasonic KXNCP Phone System one of the most exciting product releases in the field of business telecommunications.

The NCP is being initially released in two form factors - the NCP500 for up to 64 extensions and the NCP1000 for up to 104 extensions. These systems provide cost effective unified communications solutions for the small to medium sized business.

The added advantage of the Panasonic KXNCP Phone System is the fact that it will not only work with the Panasonic IP Phone Range, but will also work with other SIP Phones, making it easy for users of other VoIP phone systems to upgrade to the Panasonic NCP system whilst retaining their existing SIP Phones. This gives users of Hosted Telephony who have purchased their IP Phones the option of bringing their communications in house and adding the flexibility of ISDN and analogue telephone lines and Digital and Analogue extension telephones.

The ‘Server-less' solution architecture of the new system is designed to allow small and medium sized business customers to take advantage of unified communication solutions without the need for external servers thereby reducing the overall solution costs, simplifying installation and enhancing business productivity.

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