Orbtalk have a range of SIP trunk products that work with the NEC XN120

NEC launched the XN120 phone system in the UK, following its massive success in other parts of the world. The system has been designed with the express purpose of addressing the small to medium SME business requirements for powerful convergence telephony at a sensible cost.

Until now to obtain the level of features that the XN120 can offer SMEs businesses have had to purchase systems that are designed for far larger installations and put up with the inflated price tags

The XN120 completely addresses this and is a system with NEC's full feature set but with hardware designed for the smaller user set.

The system can handle analogue lines or ISDN2 lines and its extensions are auto-sensing, therefore the same extension card will work whether an analogue (off the shelf) phone is plugged in or an XN120 digital system phone.

Users can start small with a standard configuration of 3 analogue trunks and 8 hybrid extensions. A single cabinet can, however, expand to 9 analogue trunks, 16 basic rate and 24 hybrid extensions.

By adding a further 2 expansion cabinets, the system can be expanded to 27 analogue trunks, 48 basic rate channels, 72 hybrid extensions and 24 IP extensions.

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