Axtan IP Call Box

Orbtalk have a range of SIP trunk products that work with the Axtan IP Call Box

Axtan has performed interoperability testing with the Orbtalk SIP trunk service using the IPCallBox products to aid in installation for system integrators.

Please note this version of the Orbtalk service uses fixed IP addresses for security.

IPCallBox Central The IPCallBox Central unit is a Primary Rate ISDN gateway that provides between 8 and 30 VoIP channels for connection of inbound/outbound calls. It has multiple versions including a low cost two Stage Least cost routing version and a DASS II protocol convertor.

IPCallBox Branch The IPCallBox Branch is a Basic Rate ISDN gateway that has 6 interfaces. With 2 fixed PBX interfaces, 2 fixed LINE and 2 software configurable interfaces it can support upto 8 VoIP channels.

IPCallBox Branch 2+2 The IPCallBox Branch 2+2 is a lower cost version of the IPCallBox Branch that has 2 fixed PBX interfaces and 2 fixed LINE interfaces and provides up to 4 VoIP calls.

IPCallBox Rack Shelf A 1U high 19" rack shelf that can house two IPCallBox units.

Hybrid Telephony

The IPCallBox product range provides a hybrid telephony solution, intelligently using IP or existing switched circuit (ISDN) connections for transportation of voice or data calls.

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