The death of ISDN

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network - it is essentially circuit switched technology and has been the go-to connection for any entity requiring more than one phone line in their business or organisation.

However, as technologies have evolved, these channels have struggled to keep up with the rate of change.

Why is ISDN being replaced?

It's old and not very functional. Whilst it delivers basics like caller ID, direct dial and diverts, it compares very poorly with SIP and hosted phone lines which are delivered on an internet connection.

The increase of mobile phones has meant that fewer business people are reliant on legacy phone systems and with the demands for more flexible/remote working arrangements; IP telephony is far more attractive.

The increased desire for flexibility is at the heart of the ISDN decline. New internet-based telephony systems come with a number of different features as standard.

Internet systems like VoIP and SIP trunking can:

  • Shift offices and keep the same geographic indicator (i.e. 0161, 0113, 0151, etc.) with no forwarding charge.

  • Re-route calls to different ports or to mobile devices with ease

  • Reduce call costs

  • Deal with emergencies quickly

  • Rationalise legacy ISDN lines

Forward thinking businesses are not waiting eight years to update their phones. They have already discovered the power of internet telephony – and rising uptake is driving the nail deeper into the coffin of ISDN.

Replacing an ISDN system

As better broadband has become more widely available, at lower prices, the case for migrating to an internet-based alternative to ISDN has become more compelling.

Now no longer a ‘new’ technology, Internet Protocol communication services like VoIP and SIP trunking are coming to be seen as safe replacements by the vast majority of the IT community.

Hosted VoIP

A cheap and easy to deploy virtual telephone system. This product is perfect for smaller businesses which don’t currently have a physical onsite phone system.

SIP trunks

A SIP trunk is basically a digital port placed over your existing telephone system to give it a greater degree of flexibility. This ISDN replacement is suitable for businesses which have a phone system which is less than 5 years old.

When do I change from ISDN to SIP or hosted telephony?

There's no time like the present!

Of course if you are under contract, you may be stuck where you are. But if not, we suggest you call us.

If you have an older phone system, it may not support SIP so you may have to upgrade. Or you might be more suited to a hosted phone system which has a lot of benefits and can be a really good option as the upfront costs can be low.

If you are spending reasonable money each month on calls, you should consider changing now as the savings could be substantial.

What we provide

Orbtalk specialise in SIP and VoIP solutions for business and are unique in this market space due to our global reach. This allows us to offer SIP Trunking and Cloud Phone Systems to organisations across the globe for single and multi-sited companies. Our global presence also means that we have one of the largest offerings of international numbers available from over 8000 destinations globally.

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