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Pay as you go - Intro

The Orbtalk Pay As You Go (PAYG) service helps you quickly start enjoying the benefits of Internet Telephony!


It will provide you with a detailed view of all the features of your Orbtalk account, information about internet telephony in general and much more. Once you have registered for a FREE Orbtalk PAYG account you can start making calls from your internet telephone number! 


An Orbtalk account also enables you to call users on other networks, you have the option of obtaining your own incoming number and tariffs and packages to suit your needs. To make calls to (ordinary) PSTN phones, you will need to purchase credit. You can connect to Orbtalk PAYG in a number of ways. As the name suggests the service is prepaid, enabling you to keep a close eye on your call expenditure. We also offer post paid services to business customers.


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