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Hosted PBX - FAQ

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What hardware will I require on-site?

As the phone system is hosted at one of our data centres the only equipment required on-site would be your handset.

How much bandwidth do I require?

A single call takes 90KB of bandwidth, this can be reduced to 30KB by compressing the call.

Can I record my calls?

Call recording is available on all of our hosted PBX platforms, please speak to one of our sales team on 0844 357 1660 for pricing.

Is there a limit of how many extensions I can have on my phone system?

You are only limited by the amount of bandwidth you have on-site.

Is there an additional cost for UK numbers?

We supply free UK DID's with all of our hosted PBX solutions.

Can I port my number from my current supplier eg. BT?

Yes we can port numbers from your current supplier as we have porting agreements in place with most major number providers.

Is there an additional cost for an IVR (Interactive voice response)?

No we supply a free IVR as standard with our PBX.

We have multiple sites, will there be a cost to call between our offices?

It is completely free to call between sites.

Do you offer a fax service?

Yes we offer a fax to e-mail service where the document will be sent to you in PDF format.

Do you have a conference service and what is the cost?

Yes we do have a conference service and this is free with our hosted PBX.

Can I monitor who is on the phone?

Yes via access to the user interface you have a live view showing who is on the phone.
You may want to include our PBX contract terms at 3 months initially and then monthly rolling from there.