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Enterprise Hosted PBX - Intro

Orbtalk CallCentre Edition is a call management platform providing ultimate flexibility and features.

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Easy System Administration

Administrators configure Enterprise CallCentre™ using a straightforward, intuitive web interface. Multi-level administrator access means that you can set varying privileges for different users.

Call Detail Records

All incoming and outgoing call records are available for viewing by authorised users. Records are available for all or per-user calls. In addition, all records can be downloaded in CSV format for use in third party applications.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR means that callers are greeted with a choice of options from a list of spoken announcements. To configure Enterprise CallCentre™ IVR you simply select the option that you wish to modify and then assign an action from the comprehensive dropdown list.


Conferences allow participants to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. Participants can be located locally or remotely. A remote location could be just around the corner or anywhere in the world. Participants access conference rooms by either dialling an external access number or a local extension. Adding conferences is easy. Simply enter a conference name and number to create a conference, or choose from a range of advanced options such as “Enable Music on Hold”, “Announce Number of Participants” and “Always prompt for a PIN”.

Call monitoring & recording

Enterprise CallCentre™ allows all incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded. Call recording can be activated via a configuration setting on the comprehensive web administration interface. Call monitoring allows users to listen to calls taking place on other extensions in real time. The call monitoring and recording features are ideal for call centres where it is necessary to regularly control and improve customer service.

Remote Extensions

Enterprise CallCentre™ allows remote workers and staff to be seamlessly connected to the office. By employing call compression and network traversal technologies you can be connected from absolutely anywhere and enjoy the same benefits and call quality as being in the office.

Telephone Extensions

Enterprise CallCentre™ supports open standards and is truly vendor independent, enabling you to use handsets which comply with the SIP protocol. Other types of handset can also be used: Analogue telephones, fax machines and cordless handsets can be
connected using analogue telephone adapters (or ATAs for short). WiFi phones enable you to be connected while roaming across wireless networks. Softphones provide you with the flexibility to make calls using your laptop. The Enterprise CallCentre™ softphone enables you to make video calls and send messages and check the
availability of your colleagues.

Enterprise CallCentre™ allows the easy configuration of least cost and failover routing policies, allowing calls to be directed over trunks based on cost and availability. We will analyse your requirements and advise accordingly.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Also known as queuing, ACD is widely used in call centres where call distribution and monitoring is particularly important. Enterprise CallCentre™ allows you to configure algorithms such as Round Robin and RingAll as well as fine tuning announcement options for queuing callers. Enterprise CallCentre™ can also be used with OrderlyQ© to reduce abandoned calls and streamline staffing requirements. Increase the overall concurrency of your organisation by utilising SIP trunking for call origination and termination. With Enterprise CallCentre™ technologies can be blended to suit your needs. For example, important inbound calls can be received over a legacy ISDN line, while outbound calls are all sent via your DirectConnect trunk. This strategy enables you to minimise your line rental expenditure and save costs on outbound calls.