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Call Centre Hosted PBX - Intro

Orbtalk CallCentre Edition is a call management platform providing ultimate flexibility and features.

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Feature Rich Telephony Solution

CallCentre™ provides all of the call management features that you would expect from an IP PBX platform, but without the costs. Unlike other solutions, CallCentre™ also integrates with legacy technologies such as ISDN and analogue, providing a truly converged communications platform.

Call Detail Records

All incoming and outgoing call records are available for viewing by authorised users. Records are available for all or per-user calls. In addition, all records can be downloaded in CSV format for use in third party applications.

The Orbtalk hosted PBX can also be intergrated with Microsoft Outlook and CRM applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and NetSuite. You can also use the Orbtalk hosted PBX via your iPadiPhone or android handset.  Call +1650 9635706 to speak with one of our sales team.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Unlike traditional telephony systems, CallCentre™ Enterprise Edition helps you to streamline costs. Physical infrastructure costs are reduced due to single cabling to each desk for both telephone and PC. Additional savings are made by utilising Voice over IP for inbound and outbound services, reducing the number of legacy ISDN or analogue circuits required, as well as benefiting from the lower rates offered by our Voice over IP network. The benefits of a converged communications platform also means that network management and maintenance costs are lowered. Lastly, savings can also be made by using in-house applications such as CallCentre™ audio conferencing instead of traditionally outsourced services.